Monday, May 24, 2010

Who Remembers Swatch? They're BAAACCCKKK


I have been nostalgic about everything 80's and I have been noticing the return of the Swiss Swatch Watch in the fashion press latley. As it goes, everything that is old is new again in fashion, and the Swatch is no exception.

I have memories of proudly displaying my colored bands and bright watch faces to my friends as we "oohed and ahhad" over every new style and color. It was quite trendy to wear several of them on your arm at once. I have a clear memory of a camp friend of mine wearing her big bright white swatch watch on her ankle! Wow...was she ever ahead of the cool.

I've added some fun pictures of the Swatch watches of today. Available at Did you ever own a Swatch? I KNOW some of you did. Do you remember what color yours was? What the watch face looked like?

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