Saturday, May 29, 2010

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


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Monday, May 24, 2010

Who Remembers Swatch? They're BAAACCCKKK


I have been nostalgic about everything 80's and I have been noticing the return of the Swiss Swatch Watch in the fashion press latley. As it goes, everything that is old is new again in fashion, and the Swatch is no exception.

I have memories of proudly displaying my colored bands and bright watch faces to my friends as we "oohed and ahhad" over every new style and color. It was quite trendy to wear several of them on your arm at once. I have a clear memory of a camp friend of mine wearing her big bright white swatch watch on her ankle! Wow...was she ever ahead of the cool.

I've added some fun pictures of the Swatch watches of today. Available at Did you ever own a Swatch? I KNOW some of you did. Do you remember what color yours was? What the watch face looked like?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Oscar on a Spring Afternoon; Rabbits Run Wild Near the Honeysuckle; and Lilly of the Valley

I've added a bit of a photo expose today to celebrate the sense of serenity that only nature and pets can provide. Oscar loves lounging in the mulch. Every day I find him in the same spot in the garden enjoying the sweet spring breeze.

I've have been noticing that every year, the rabbit population seems to be exploding. I tried to get a better shot of this guy. I was afraid that if I got closer, he would surely bolt, so I attempted to get the shot from standing on the deck. I admit it could be a much better photo, had I a better lens, but alas, this is the best I could do....the hedgerow is blooming with Honeysuckle this time of year and the sent is heavenly.

Lilly of the Valley is one of my favorite sents. I noticed that there is a huge amount suddenly blooming in the side garden. This particular flower always brings back memories of grandmother, Molly, as she told me that this was her favorite.

My tiny bouquet of Lilly of the Valley to bring into the house. 

Mia Tyler, Crystal Renn, and Tyra Banks: "Women Come in all Shapes and Sizes, a Size 12 is no less Beautiful than a Size 2"

Mia Tyler, half-sister to actress Liv Tyler, and daughter of legendary Aerosmith rocker, Steven, has found success as a plus size model. Like many women, Mia has struggled with her weight and was a contestant on "Celebrity Fit Club", where she tipped the scales at 210 lbs. She has since taken off some of that weight, adapted a healthier diet and exercise regime, and is now down to a healthy size 12/14.
Mia Tyler: Plus size model, daughter of Rock Legend Steven Tyler.


Crystal Renn: High Fashion is changing its attitudes about size. 
Chanel uses Renn in their Cruise Runway Show in St. Tropez.
Chrystal Renn rocks the fashion industry in Chanel. Another win for the plus sized fashion group. 

Chrystal Renn at the Chanel Cruise Runway Show. Crystal is a size 12.

Tyra Banks has endured media criticism for gaining weight. She has since re-invented herself as "plus sized". Eating disorders are rampant across america and many critics point to Hollywood and the Media for glamorizing skinny as beautiful and sexy.  Most young women who try to break into the modeling and acting field are told by agents that they need to drop any excess weight to have a shot at a career. Crystal Renn accounts for the disease first hand in her book "Hungry", where she used every trick in the book to get her body size down to 0. She eventually choose her health over her career and let her body set at its natural size. [Refer to the link of my post on Crystal: Crystal Renn: "Hungry"]

To put things in perspective, below are photos of women need to EAT...before they just break, or crack or fade away...

Rachel Zoe: The Queen of 'Too Damn Skinny.'
Rachel reports that "eating sometimes doesn't make it on my to-do list" and that she survives on "coffee and grapefruit." 

Rachel Zoe has been criticized for perpetuating a culture of "dangerously skinny is stylish and chic" among her famous clients.

Longtime client, Nicole Richie, who was becoming painfully thin in past years, recently dropped Zoe as her stylist; on speculation that Rachel's advice on her being too thin was destroying her health. Nicole has since put weight back on and has maintained a healthy weight since the birth of her children. 

Nicole Richie in her Dangerous Skeltor Days 

Healthy and fit Nicole now. 

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Faboo Design Ideas from Boston to Manhattan Beach: All White and Pops of Red

Headboard  and bathroom door traveled from the designer's Victorian home in Boston to Manhattan Beach. Megan Arquette of Beach Bungalow 8.

Lattice Wallpaper  on one of the walls in the dining area gives a more refined feel to the beach house. The black geometric backed chairs mimic the shapes in the wallpaper beautifully. 
The most killer touch to the dining area is.....

the FAB red bamboo chandelier. OMG to DIE for.It adds the perfect pop of color.

How important is art in our world? More pops of red.
Faiella Design by Anastasia Faiella contemporary bedroom

The Front Door eclectic entry
eclectic entry design by chicago interior designer Allison Cosmos
A front door painted in such a unique way really brings interest to the front of the house. It is sure to be a memorable entryway that will not be easily forgotten. 

my Santa Monica Bedroom eclectic bedroom
Again, as I always re-iterate...if you want to create serenity in your home, go with ALL WHITE. It will give your space an airy peaceful feeling. Worried about cleaning white furniture? If you use slipcovers on all your furniture, you will be able to whisk them off and throw them in the wash. This bedroom is beautiful. I would go one step further and paint the fireplace mantel white.

my family room traditional family room
traditional family room design by los angeles interior designer Brooke Giannetti
Another example of use of white and neutral tones to create a serene breezy feel.

Friday, May 21, 2010

RETRO summer :: Fun Friday Fashion:: MORE Lilly

Some things just scream RETRO to me. I don't know if it is nostalgia that keeps bringing me back to Lilly patterns, or if it's simply the fun bright colors that cheer my day. More supremely throwback looks to warm your Friday afternoon. Happy Summer...bring it on!!!!!!!

Lilly Pulitzer Haley Skirt Lattice Jacquard

Roselyn Skirt Bouquet 

Roselyn Skirt
Frisky Business $118.00

Nikki Maxi Skirt Striped

Maho Skirted Bottom 

Worth Shift Hen House