Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Fun! Picks from Around the Web...


There are 12 ways to wear this fabulous sweater by DKNY. It is probably the most versatile garment ever invented. Below are some examples of ways to wear the Cozy, but head over to to see them all and watch a cool video on all the possible looks you can get out of this ONE sweater! Sweaters above in summer linen fabric.  

SUMMER DRESSES: What says summer more than a Lilly dress?

"Lola" Dress 50's Poplin  $180.00

"Bowen" Dress Floral Lace $328.00

Awesome new arrivals: Logo sandals from Tory Burch 
""Miller" flat $195.00
Nanette Lapore "Firecracker" one shoulder striped sweater-dress
(Seriously Retro Cool)

Can't ever go wrong with a Tory Burch "Reva" Ballet Flat
 Metallic Flat $195.00

For a little more edge: go with some animal magnetism.
Marc by Marc Jacobs$198.00


rasjacobson said...

I was in Florida recently and, while I never thought I was a Lily girl, I bought a dress. I can't wait until it warms up a little here so that I can wear it. Nothing says summer like Lily.

Jennifer Sanderson said...

Every girl is a Lilly girl at one point or another. The fabric is just too pretty to ignore...