Thursday, May 13, 2010

Joe Zee: Questions for Elle Magazine's Creative Director: Sponsored by Fashion Website Rue La La

Yesterday I was exicted to take part in the in the question and answer steaming webcast sponsored by with the famous and well respected Joe Zee, Creative Director of Elle magazine. Joe has styled many celebrities such as Julia Roberts and most recently, Fergie, who is on the May cover of Elle magazine.  Joe has received some national attention on national cable TV lately, playing himself in his role on the MTV reality show, The City, about young designer Whitney Port and her rise in the fashion industry and all the milieu that comes along with that. Other cast of characters in the show include the less popular, Olivia Palermo, all around mean girl,who is constantly trying to sabotage our heroine, and the 'can do no wrong in my book', PR wonder, Kelly Cutrone, and your usual fare of drama queens and all out nasty behavior.
Joe has to professionally manage these girls and shut down the cat-fights to actually get some work done.  But again, I am guilty of straying from the intention of this post; Joe's advice. Joe gives styling advice about summer outfit choices, staying true to your personal style and not falling for trends, the perfect black shoe, how to incorporate vintage and classics into your wardrobe with out looking old, and classics for men on how to look updated and modern without looking having to buy new pieces or look at trends. During the hour conversation, one point Joe kept making was to be true to your own personal style. If it works for you do it, don't fall for trends. For optimal style solutions, look to mix vintages piece with modern ones. Try adding a vintage silk scarf with jeans to your outfit instead of a classic skirt. Or if the skirt is vintage, try adding denim on top such as denim shirt from Gap, or a jean jacket. Pearls look hip and modern with a jean jacket, but take on a whole different vibe if added with a silk shirt and blazer jacket.  If you have a hand me down leather bag, such as a vintage Coach, by all means wear it, but put it on with some dark jeans and heels. Keep it fresh and youthful as you want to be careful not to age yourself.
Fergie is Elle magazine's May 2010 Cover Girl (styled by Joe Zee) photo:

Also, there are no rules. You can wear black boots and shoes in the summertime. The key to pulling it off, again lies in the mix. Brown and black CAN go together as well as navy and black. (Joe exclaims that navy and black look dynamite together if done correctly, he finds that people are just afraid to try).

He covers the question of how the internet and social media have opened up the fashion industry in a way that was is unprecedented. He believes that fashion should be accessible to everyone in every corner of America and that they shouldn't be limited by their geographic location. Fashion bloggers are weighing in on trends in their city and attitudes among their peer groups, giving the industry insight into many other demographics besides those around them in New York, London or Paris. Webcasts are giving people everywhere access to fashion experts such as himself, to speak to his audience and take their questions. People are shopping online more than they are going into brick and mortar stores. The landscape is always changing and is sometimes hard for even an industry insider to keep up.

Joe Zee's recommendations for every woman's wardrobe:

Traditional Trench Coat
Good Pair Black High Heels
Statement Necklace
Dark Jeans That Fit
Ballet Flats, Ballet Flats and again, for running around, Ballet Flats
Wrap dresses (states that they are flattering on everyone)
And most important, he emphasizes to be sure that the clothes you wear fit. He states that nothing ruins an outfit more than a bad fit. Buy the best you can afford, most likely a classic piece, and get yourself to a tailor!!! Alterations mean the WORLD.

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