Monday, May 17, 2010

"Whatever Martha!" Alexis Stewart and Jennifer Hutt : Another Laugh Fest!

I have been obsessed with watching clips from the cable show "Whatever Martha!", co-hosted by her daughter, Alexis and Jennifer Koppelman Hutt. First off, I have to say that these girls are the real deal. They are not blinded by celebrity or perceived status thereof. I wouldn't be writing about them on my blog if I felt there was a single air of pretentiousness between the two of them. Jennifer is more approachable for sure, as Alexis has a reputation for being bitchy, but I believe that it is just her persona, as she likes to strip things to the "bare bones" and refuses to put up with any crap.

I am equally impressed that Jennifer Hutt actually answered my email last night, and for that I love her...she is awesome and so is Alexis. In
this segment of "Whatever Martha!", Martha paints one of her zillion porches, using some serious mathematical equations that will make your head hurt, then tapes out a pattern after using a chalk string, and explains how to avoid painting herself into a corner. She does all this while making some really SERIOUS fashion faux pas. This is one you cannot miss!!


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DC by Design said...

OMG -- I love it!!! Thank you for commenting on my blog and introducing me to your's -- I wish I had cable so I could watch this show. Awesome!