Saturday, May 1, 2010

Edie Sedgwick: 60's Mod Style and How it Changed Fashion Forever

Edie Sedgwick and Andy Warhol charged a fashion revolution that started in 1965. Andy chose Edie to be his 'muse', his source of inspiration, the girl he would project his talent through to show the world. In many ways, she still endures, more popular than ever before, partly due to the 2006 movie, starring Sienna Miller as Edie, as Warhol's Factory Girl (aptly named after his NY studio "The Factory").  More than three decades after her death in 1971, from acute barbiturate overdose, Warhol's New York Party Girl is still a huge fascination. 

Edie has been widely photographed mainly sticking to classic, simple shift dresses, and black leotards (the 60's equivalent to black leggings) but OH...the accessories!!!! The shoulder dusting earrings that she chose to pair with her Little Black Dresses (LBD's) and simple white sheaths were such statement pieces that they are purely iconic. 

Fashion designer, Betsey Johnston, discusses Edie Sedgwick and her impact on fashion design. 

Betsey believes that fashion was permenentaly altered during the 1960's because we had never seen such designs before. A lot of the Mod style was based on leotards, exercise clothes of the day, and sheaths, never before used in fashion design prior to the 60's. Notably, Betsey states that we still use those foundations today, and nothing really new has come out of the fashion industry since. It has been remastered; but the classics still remain.


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I just watched factory girl and got all curious about Eddie Sedgwick, your post helped a lot!