Friday, January 29, 2010

Table Makeover: Amazing what you can find on Craigslist

I can't believe I've been living with this table in my house and I forgot to post it on my blog. Back in August, we were in need of a dining/kitchen table because my dear sweet husband dropped my most favorite farm table off the back of the pick up truck when were moving out of our house in MA. To say I was devastated by the loss goes without saying, however, I have since found love again with my new $35 Craiglist find. Remember, anything that looks ugly because you don't like the color, can always be repainted. White or black paint are usually good bets to make any piece of wood furniture look better depending on what type of look you are going for. White for a shabby chic look or black for a more sophisticated look. My find was ugly brown veneer before I painted it white.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Daily Candy: Crest Tooth Whitening Product Test

I am excited to write that I have been chosen to test a line of spankin' new not out on the shelf oral tooth whitening products by Crest. It is a new whitening enamel toothpaste, whitening oral rinse and strips. I tried the products today for the first time and mouth has never felt cleaner and I think my teeth are whiter just from today's application. I know there are a lot of whitening products on the market these days, so I am somewhat sceptical of "new and improved" varieties, but so far these new formulas seem to be working VERY well. I will post some pictures in a the coming days.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tracy's Livingroom...example of mixing patterns and textures for real life

Tracy Porter always does a wonderful job of seamlessly mixing different colors, textures and styles to make a room look deliciously lived in. Don't be restrained by convention. Take a chance a go with your instincts and savor the results!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Who is hearing the people?

Today's unemployment numbers are out and they are crazy shockingly high. I personally know more people that are out of work than are actually working. The US is falling off a cliff and yet the fight continues on in congress with the health care debacle. The President is focusing too much energy on Health Care than coming up with solutions to help companies and businesses create jobs.

The era of political entitlement has got to come to end. We elect senators and congresspeople to represent our interests, yet they sit up on the hill year after year seeming to be looking out for their own best interests; and hope to keep the people sedated enough to pass though their own agendas while no one is looking. We have got to hold our congresspeople and senators accountable for their actions. Are people actually surprised about what has happened in Massachusetts? Come on people, enough is enough. It's high time the lemmings are wake up. Some of my dearest friends and older relatives believe wholeheartedly (albeit stubbornly) that the Democratic party is the best representation for their beliefs and that anything the Republicans do is greedy, elitist and evil. The Republicans have embodied some of these traits, however the left is just as guilty of greed power and control.

There is an undercurrent emerging in our culture that cannot be ignored. That is of the Independent thinker. Please look at all sides of a political agenda before casting your vote for EITHER party. Do not jump on a train because everyone else seems to. That train may just take right of a very high cliff. Vote with your gut and your feet; fire all the people that are in power that are trying to pass laws (or not) that risk your safety and your livelihood. Remember, those people WORK FOR YOU; not the other way around.