Thursday, May 6, 2010

WAKE UP AND GET REAL Net Neutrality: Huge Issue:: Why is the Press Ignoring It??

Hello Everyone::: I wanted to bring to your attention a growing concern of mine that isn't getting the coverage that it is warranted in the press. Now, while "Moon" is primary a fashion and design blog, I will always cover issues that threaten our way of life; the way we communicate, do business and earn money. If any of these issues mean anything to you, then we need to do as Justine says in the video below: "wake up and get real".

Lobbyists in DC are sent by the big telecom companies (Comcast, Time Warner, etc)  to pressure congress to put controls on how we receive our information from the internet. When you think about this, it makes perfect sense. We are slowly weaning ourselves off cable. I know that if I didn't have kids in the house that would throw a hissy fit because they couldn't watch "cartoon network", I would seriously consider cutting the cable out entirely. After all, I wind up getting most of my information online these days.  Also, it would make sense that if, for example, a large cable company profited by promoting some political or social issue over another because it was in their best interest financially, so any webpage that you may be trying to view against their agenda suddenly became difficult to find, or loaded very slowly...hmmm...this is some scary stuff if you think about it. The monopolistic cable companies see lost revenue and more important, ways to earn lots more revenue in the future and the want in to cash in on the potential of controlling our internet access one way or the other.  

This is a issue of preserving our FREEDOM on the internet that we need to take seriously. Take a look at sites like and research as much as you can about net neutrality and let me know what you think. I would love to get some input on this issue as I haven't come across a ton of information about it yet and it seems like a somewhat convoluted issue. 

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