Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Betsey Johnson Factor

Betsey Johnson Flagship Store at 8050 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA
Can we just TALK about how awesome fashion designer Betsey Johnson is? I have always been a fan of Betsey's, at least since I discovered her during my post-college years. A trip to Santa Monica with a friend took us to Melrose Avenue, where I discovered the true all out funky-ness which is Betsey Johnson. The Melrose neighborhood in Los Angeles is well known for it's alternative and edgy fashion shops, and Betsey Johnson epitomizes that vibe. When I think of Melrose, I immediately think of Betsey. 

Betsey Johnson Evening "Shake Your Groove Thing" Dress $458.00

I always like to find stories of inspiring and creative women. Women who endure the test of time, remain strong and relevant and seem like authentic, good people. I believe Betsey to be one of those people.  She has been designing clothes for over 40 years, getting her start in fashion after she won a fashion editor contest for Mademoiselle Magazine in 1968.   She was part of the edgy rock fashion movement of the late 60's and was associated with dressing women of Andy Warhol's Factory and trendy musicians of the day. She opened her first boutique in downtown Manhattan where she still has a presence. (see my blog post about Edie Sedgwick and 60's Mod Style:

Betsey's Face Sublimation T-shirt $88.00

Her designs are fun and party inspired for the most part, but she does have a few more conservative pieces in her collection. It is not uncommon to find shoppers of all ages vying for the same dress. Betsey now 67, is more active and involved in her brand than ever. She still emotes a youthful vibe that is fun and engaging, much like her never ending, never wavering style of light hearted eclectic designs. In 2009, Johnson was awarded the medal of honor for Lifetime Achievement in Fashion from the National Arts Club.


The designer at home, 2009

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