Friday, May 14, 2010

"Whatever Martha!" Alexis Stewart and Jennifer Hutt Get Real About Martha's OCD

link to Alexis' and Jennifer's Website "Whatever Martha" 

My sides are splitting watching a clips of the Alexis Stewart, daughter of Martha Stewart, and her friend, Jennifer Koppelman Hutt, commenting on an old videos of one of Martha Stewart's shows where she demonstrates how to go about making S'mores. Alexis and Jennifer had taped a series of shows for cable tv's Fine Living Network (FLN) and currently have a radio show on Sirius Satellite Radio. I don't have access to Sirius Satellite, but I kind of wish that I did, because I can listen to these two go on and laugh for hours.

We all know what Smores are...but Martha takes the Smore- making activity to a whole new level. S'more making is a fun campfire activity where kids go about gathering twigs or sticks, happily skew a marshmallow on the end of the twig and roast it over the campfire to get it soft enough plop it onto a graham cracker with a healthy dose of Hershey's chocolate. The result is an oeoy gooey melty mess of chocolate and marshmallow. It is not a neat clean affair by any means. And it's not supposed to be.

Well, not in Martha's world. She sets up her supplies with all the usual suspects, the chocolate squares, the crackers, marshmallows, etc, with a few exceptions. 

She has a Swiss army knife and battery operated hand drill. What is she going to do with the drill? Alexis asks this question and Jennifer rolls her eyes back in her head and in a dry humor voice she says..."she's going to complicate the s'more process." Understatement of the year! 

Martha proceeds to pull out a bunch of perfectly sized twigs and shows the audience how to "whittle" a point onto the twig using the swiss army knife. Whittle a point? Are the marshmallow roasting twigs also used as some sort of Mideavel hunting weapon? Why would you need such a sharp point to skewer a marshmallow? This is the humor of it all. The girls ask these logical questions while viewing the clip. 

Next, Martha takes some sort of small wood block and starts drilling the twig to the block. Why?????? She starts going off on a tangent about making some sort of campfire tool. As if you NEED a campfire tool. Martha takes the s'more making process was too seriously and Alexis and Jennifer get real and show the humor in all of this in an fun, refreshing way. Now we know that no one can really live like Martha Stewart.



Amy said...

This is hysterical! Anyone who ever made smores on a regular basis as a kid will laugh out loud at this one...maybe she just needed to fill the time of the show, so she created these ridiculous steps to make smores??......oh and don't forget your drill!

Jennifer Sanderson said...

So Funny!!!!