Sunday, March 1, 2009

Upcycling...will keep you in the black and little green too!

Upcycling furniture, home decor and fashion items is not only good for the enviornment, it's great for your wallet!

There is an art to finding the perfect peice of furniture that has great "bones" but needs a little paint or fabric. How about that classic black dress that was your grandmother's that really just needs a visit to the tailor? What about old costume jewlery? I could go on and and on, but the thing to keep in mind is being fashionalbe with both your wardrobe and your home does not have to be expensive. Think outside of the box and visit your local consignment shop, salvation army, or goodwill. You will be surprised about what you can find on the cheap! Send me pictures of your finds and I will post them on my blog!


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