Sunday, April 18, 2010

Kitty Kills the Bill and Ode to Pet Names

Our cat, Sammy; whom I have re-named Tiny, goes nuts on our most recent cable bill. I always seem to do this; re-name my creatures as their personalities evolve. We had two dogs an American Eskimo that my cousin and I found together back in the early 90's when we lived together in Boston. We wanted to name him 'Benjamin' after our late grandfather, so we gave our beloved Eskie the name, only to call him 'BJ'. Well, suffice to say, the conclusion our in the gutter male and (some female) friends immediately jumped to oral sex jokes, we just brushed it off. Then one day while watching tv, we started calling the dog; 'bejuz Philbin'. Regis Philbin was a TV star even back; we unofficially started calling him 'Philbin'.

My next dog, a regal looking Belgian Tervuren we named 'D'Artagnan', after the noble French Musketeer who defended the King of France during the seventeenth century against the evil Cardinal Richelieu in Alexander Dumas' epic classic tale. "Tous pour un, un pour tous" (All for One and One for All).

While D'Artagan was too long and effected for most to say easily, his name was shortened to 'Dart' and then 'Tachie' (even too complicated for me to explain in this post.)

Do you re-name your loved ones? Your pets? I always seem to do this. Even with my children. A habit which I am sure will one day embarrass them to no end....thank you for reading and enjoy the video !


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