Monday, April 26, 2010

Flee Bags::: LOVE Them!!

During the summer of 2007, after a 9 year hiatus from the Boston area, I fell upon the most DARLING handbag shop in the town of West Newton, MA called "Flee". Intrigued by the beautiful window display, I ventured in and was very excited by the concept of these cool bags, totes, laptop cases, and picnic coolers.The small store was jam packed with the most beautiful bags; all made from oilcloth, a practical, water repellent fabric that is perfect for women on the go; career women, women with children, all women. Made from a real USABLE fabric, the oilcloth is one that looks beautiful and can be wiped down in the event of an any spillage or the times that an errant lipstick manages to mark the inside of your bag.
Forest Backpack $96.00

Grenadine Mini-Flee $58.00
In addition to their practicality and beauty, Flee Bags have a very retro, yet stylish vibe. The "Flee" name comes from the owner's use of practicality: bags in which you need to "flee", to run, to be on the go..these bags are perfect for that purpose! I'm sure that there are women that you know or possibly yourself that would love to own a backpack, tote, makeup bag or even lunch box from Flee.
Flee Bags have left their little nook in West Newton, and are now centered in Chicago, but most of their sales are now online at:

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