Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Aniston in Lacroix

Jennifer Aniston is under rapid fire for showing up to her premiere of "The Bounty Hunter" in a salmon colored Lacroix dress.

The designer's name always conjures up images of "sweety darling" Edina "Eddy" Monsoon from the BBC hit "Absolutly Fabulous"; who among other things, coveted anything Lacroix (darhling).

We are used to seeing our Jen in simple gowns, little black dresses, and classic straight styles. That's how we love to see her. She has cultivated an iconic style dressing in a classic way. This flirtation with Paris style does not suit her and it shows. She looks awkward in this pinkish colored drape that gathers (ackk of all places!) around her midsection! If perfect figured Jen looks somewhat stodgy in this frock what would it do for the rest of us?! This is an epic fail by the Aniston style team and hopefully, Jen will stick to her LBD's from now on.

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Amy said...

maybe she's trying to change her style / life....