Tuesday, March 30, 2010

80's Style: The Return of Neon and Iconic Doc Martens

I have been seeing a lot of things that are classically 80's showing up on runways and in magazines and on internet sites. Just today I spotted thin hip layering neon belts complete with silver studded dots and squares. Yes, you heard me right; NEON.

Madonna is a trendsetter and always managed to pull of an effortlessly cool look that is so iconic 80's. I have memories of running out to the mall and stocking up on the coveted black rubber bracelets that she made famous in the 1985 movie, Desperately Seeking Susan.

Personally, I could of lived my whole life happy and content without ever looking at any neon colored clothing again. Which reminds of the next 80's iconic item that I have been seeing knocking around in the press: Doc Martens Combat Boots

This boot evokes memories of punk and rock bands of the 80's and 90's and as a slightly edgy boot that the cool kids in punk bands used to sport with their ripped up t-shirts and jeans. Of course in my preppy town; this was EXTREMELY cool. Doc Marten turns 50 this year, and with the revival in 80's style, I imagine that we will be seeing more of the classic iconic boot in many different fashion capacities.

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