Monday, April 6, 2009

Brooks' Room...all designed with reclaimed materials!

I thought I would show you some the items in Brooks' room utilizing all reclaimed furnishings. They key to doing this successfully, I believe is to stick to a basic color palette. I used blues, reds, black and white for his room and we are very happy with the results.

Many of the options that made his room come together were not chosen by me so, I had to work around it. The room was already painted a dark blue, so luckily since most of his furniture had red accents in it, it works- as long as we keep the dark blue IKEA bedding to tie it all together.
The sweet little chair that serves as a platform for his Ugly doll collection was a garage sale find. It was originally painted a dark muddy depression era 1930's brown- and of course, that just won't do in my house! So I painted it three different tones of creamy white- this was four years ago and now the chair is showing some of it's age as it has a few well loved nicks on the top- all adds to the charm!

The dresser was a barter from a friend of mine who is also very much into flea market finds and I had something she wanted so we did a simple trade. (I don't remember now what I traded for it, because I love the dresser so much!) I changed the color slightly; added the red top, then added a layer of crackle on top of the red, and toned it down with the white wash. It looks like an antique, but it's not...just old! I added the Texas (eBay find) star knobs, two of which Brooks removed because he wanted them on his closet door. I have to order replacements for them, which I haven't done yet....

The bed side table we use for his room was once in the hallway of a different home, lived in a bathroom for awhile, and moved several other places over the years, but I did find it at an unfinished furniture store 13 years ago. It has had many paint jobs- but the black base and signature LongJohn red top suit it very well. Brooks likes to keep his Lego collection right next to his bed! The long crack that you see down the side is a casualty from many years of opening and closing the door, but again I am not one to discard it because of this flaw- remember those imperfections, much like life, make living unique and real! :)

Please feel free to contact me through your comments or if you have any design questions, just ask me and I will get back to you ASAP!

Thank you all for your support!



Amy said...

This is a great room! Does Brooks love it?!

Jen Sanderson said...

Brooks is growing into his own space. He loves his room and likes to control everything that goes in and out of it. He has become much more comfortable with falling asleep on is own. He loves maps, and I am working of finding some old maps of Boston or the US to frame for his room...let me know if anyone comes across sources for that!

Jen Sanderson said... you recognize Mr. Macdoogal?