Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Beauty of Decoupage

I have praised the merits of decoupage in the past, but thought I would post some of the little things that I have added to my collection that make my world more organized and pretty. You can find clear glass pillar candle holders at any of the big variety stores such as Target or Wall Mart. They usually sell for two dollars or so. I buy these pillar holders and attach pretty paper to the bottom using Mod Podge. Mod Podge is a great product because it acts like a sealant, glue and varnish all the same time. It dries clear and leaves a beautiful sheen.
I have used postcards of great works of art as well. You can use any kind of paper you would want to see under glass. I use the glass discs for candles, to organize perfumes, and as coasters for the coffee table! The use of these little glass discs is only limited to your imagination...make good on your dreams!


Amy said...

I love that! I want to have it for my apt! Maybe I can buy some things from you for my new apt next year!

Jen Sanderson said...

Are you talking about the pillar candle holders? I am going to be putting a few of them up for sale on my Etsy site...I will keep you updated...thx for your suppot!