Friday, January 30, 2009

Thinking outside of the box yeilds outstanding (and cost effective) design solutions!

This picture is evidence that when you refuse to accept the usual run of the mill pieces that all the chain stores sell, you can find something that is unique to your personality and style. The owners of this space searched high and low for a media cabinent they could live with, that would reflect their taste. They spotted this cabinent at a salvage store outside of the boston area. It was originally intednded for a kitchen and was much larger, but they decided to cut it in half and use the top as a console and the bottom as a media cabinent. The result is a very funky one of a kind piece that is hundreds of dollars less than anything you would find at a retail chain! Don't be afraid to look at salvaged pieces and think up upcycling them to a modern use- you are doing good things for the enviornment and your wallet all the while enhancing your unique style!

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rocknrod said...

if you are ever in the need of metal work in your beautiful designs feel free to contact me or the Arizona Artistic Blacksmith Association