Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Movie Review..."The Women"

I normally don't review movies ever, but I had to comment on the movie that I purchased off of pay per view last night. I was looking for "Mama Mia", because everyone says you HAVE To see it, but it's not available yet for some reason. I always wanted to see "The Women" and with the star studded cast, I knew that it had to be a LEAST decent, so I wouldn't be wasting my money.
I love, Meg Ryan, Annette Benning, Bette Midler, Candace Bergen, Deb Mazar, Deborah Messing and Jada Pinkett I knew that it couldn't be bad. Eva Menendez is one great actress in this flick as well, and I'm not too familiar with her work, so this was the first movie that I have seen her in (I think).

Mary (Meg's character) is well played as the wealthy/coddled/daughter of a father whom she works for designing caftans for elderly women. Her husband is a successful hedge fund manager, who her best friend, Sylvie(Benning) discovers he is sleeping with the perfume sprizer girl at Sacks (Mendez)by way of the overbearing loose lipped manicurist(Mazar). The plot continues as Mary finds out about her husband's infidelity through the manicurist, is angry with her friends for NOT telling her, they struggle with this for days, gets dubious advice from her mother (Bergen) and on and on...the usual story.

There are several characters in this movie, all strong actresses and the movie could of gone on for hours...the result is that several of the characters are undeveloped and somewhat weak...(pinkett smith's lesbian character doesn't seem to fit too well)and Messing's character is there to show how many children one person can possible have (?), well no, Messings character does reveal during the chaos of giving birth to her 5Th child that she too, was unfaithful to her husband and that he forgave her.

All in all, a cute movie, what I expected and I love, love, Meg and am thrilled to see her back in the movies that she is loved for. I cried during this flick, especially due to the tenderness of the friendship between Benning and Ryan's characters (felt very real to me), and most importantly Mary's finding her talent through a series of setbacks, but then again, I cry at Disney movies!

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