Friday, February 26, 2010

The simple beauty of black, white and bright green

When decorating a bathroom, consider colors and patterns that you wouldn't normally use for any other room in the house. I recently took a trip to the home improvement store dead set on painting one of our bathrooms my signature choice; yellow. I still believe that yellow is one of the most cheerful colors you can paint a room, simply because it is the color of the sun.

Not this time though, because for some reason at the last minute I decided to go with bright green. I have NEVER painted any room this color. I went with my instinct and bought a gallon of the bright green paint, not sure of how it was going to come out...the result? I love it! The key is to add black and white accent such as the bathroom pictured above. The wallpaper in the bathroom above is Kate Spade and has a wonderful zebra pattern and is paired beautifully with the white shower curtain and black accents.

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