Tuesday, November 25, 2008

To UGG or not to UGG

I have been avoiding buying a pair of "real" Ugg boots for over two years. There is something about spending over $100 on a pair of not so attractive boots that gives me pause. I have bought the Target knock offs, a pair of "unknown" knockoffs from my FAVE discount retailer TJ MAXX- but, I have not brought myself to buy the real thing.

Now that my knockoffs are failing, one boot has a hole in the bottom, the other has the inside "fur" coming loose, I feel that my money would be better spent on the real deal. I love the idea of sticking my barefoot into warm boots in the dead of winter. There is something rebellious about it- like, take that Winter- NO Socks!

I have been studying the difference between the EMU Australia boots and the Ugg Australia boots- I can't find any huge differences except the price of the EMUs are lower and that the EMUs have as slightly rounded toe sole and heel sole. In this respect I think the Uggs are are better looking. Anyone have any thoughts on the difference between the two? I am now addicted to wearing my boots without socks and can't bear to go another winter without a pair of "Ugg like" boots! :)

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